American Silver Eagle Coins (BU and Proof)

American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles are arguably the single most popular silver bullion coin in the world. Made from one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, these beautiful coins normally come from the US Mint in either brilliant uncirculated, burnished uncirculated or “proof” condition.
“Proof” coins are identical to their brilliant uncirculated counterparts in weight and purity, but they are minted from specially prepared dies which give them a stunning, deep mirrored finish. They are then encapsulated in clear plastic and shipped in a velvet box inside of a carboard box with a Certificate of Authenticity from the US Mint. Brilliant uncirculated American silver eagles are generally sold to select coin dealers by the US Mint in 500-coin “Monster” boxes containing 25 20-coin tubes, which are then sold to other dealers and then to the public, usually either individually or in their original 20-coin tubes.  Burnished uncirculated American silver eagles have a special burnished finish and are packaged and sold individually by the US Mint, with their own box and Certificate of Authenticity.
 Sometimes, coin dealers or individuals will elect to either have their American Silver Eagles certified and encapsulated by a coin grading service such as PCGS or NGC, which can potentially increase the value of the coins, particularly if the coin receives an MS70 or PF70/PR70 grade.