Prices are subject to change without notice, and since some items are hard to find and market conditions can change very rapidly, availability of a specific item for the listed prices is not guaranteed, even if you have completed the checkout process and we have charged your credit card.  Non-availability of a purchased item can occur in one of a few different ways:

a)  Even though we have a very good inventory control system, human error can still happen occasionally — an item could potentially get entered into our inventory system under the wrong SKU #, or an item could get damaged or lost.  This could result in our inventory balances getting slightly off until we discover the problem and correct it, allowing for the possible sale of items we don’t have in stock.

b)  If a product is shown in our system as “Available on backorder”, it’s because we believe we can acquire it from our sources and sell it for our posted sell price.  However, due to the volatility of the markets and the rapidly fluctuating prices and premiums, the possibility exists that we will not be able to sell backordered items for our posted sell prices.

If we don’t have an item you’ve completed the checkout process for currently in stock, we will make every effort to obtain it for you at the price you ordered it for. If prices rise and we are unable to obtain it for you at the price your ordered it for within a reasonable amount of time, we will either give you a full refund or you may choose to pay any additional cost necessary to purchase it if we find that we have to pay more than we anticipated to acquire it for you. (Nashville Coin Gallery will determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes a “reasonable” amount of time.) If prices drop between the time you place your order and the time we acquire and ship your items, any resulting market gains shall belong exclusively to Nashville Coin Gallery. At any time, we reserve the right to cancel any order that would result in a net loss to Nashville Coin Gallery. Because of the rampant credit card fraud that exists in the marketplace today, we also reserve the right to reject any order that we, at our sole discretion, determine to be questionable or unable to be easily verified as a legitimate transaction. To lessen the chances of your order being rejected, please consider opening a PayPal account if you don’t already have one, or consider sending the money to us via wire transfer. If you pay with a credit or debit card, from time to time and at our sole discretion to minimize potential fraudulent activity, we might immediately refund your credit card and invoice you through PayPal. In that event, once your payment has been received through PayPal, and as long as PayPal indicates to us that they will offer Seller Protection, we will consider your order to be successfully placed with us. Please note that depending on the nature of your order, it’s possible that your items might be shipped from multiple sources and arrive at different times.

We will only ship to the address that matches the address on file with your credit card company.


Other than the exceptions stated in the General paragraph above, Nashville Coin Gallery will make every effort to ship all in-stock items within five business days of the date of your order, and we will diligently work to obtain and ship any out of stock items as quickly as possible.  Nashville Coin Gallery ships packages primarily via FedEx, although we often ship low-value items via USPS.  Nashville Coin Gallery will determine in each instance what we consider a “low-value” package, and we will make the decision whether to ship via FedEx or USPS.  If we ship your items via FedEx, we will use FedEx Ground service unless you direct us in writing to use one of FedEx’s Express services for faster delivery.  Additional shipping costs will apply in those cases. To request Express delivery by FedEx, you must notify us immediately after submitting your online order, via e-mail (originating from the same e-mail address you used to make your purchase).  We will then either contact you for your credit card information so we can bill you for the additional shipping charges, or we will invoice you through PayPal prior to shipping your items.  In most cases, we provide free shipping unless you specifically request immediate or priority delivery.

All items will be packaged securely and discreetly so there will be no indication as to what’s inside the box, and a signature will be required for every package we ship. Each package we ship, if we in our sole discretion determine it to be of significant value, will either be automatically insured under our blanket insurance policy or by coverage we will obtain at our expense through the carrier. Orders valued at more than our per-package coverage limits will be shipped in multiple boxes. Because we ship all higher value packages via FedEx, we can only ship to a physical address. We cannot ship higher value packages to a Post Office box.

If, at the time of your purchase, you indicate that we’re to ship your item(s) but you decide after the purchase has been finalized that you want to pick it/them up in person, we will add any applicable state or local taxes that may be due in accordance with state law, regardless of your actual state of residence, if it wasn’t already added at the time of purchase, and we will refund any shipping charges that were added at the time of purchase. Additionally, we will only release your item(s) to the person whose name is on the credit card used (or the Nashville Coin Gallery registered member who made the purchase from their account), and that person must provide a valid photo ID at the time they pick up the item(s).


Since the precious metals markets are volatile and fluctuate constantly, all returns will be treated simply as regular sales to Nashville Coin Gallery at our “then-current” buy price. However, if you’re returning an item because you believe it was misrepresented and isn’t what we said it was, then you MUST express that in writing, and the item(s) MUST be returned to us via the same carrier we shipped it with, in the original, unopened and un-tampered with Nashville Coin Gallery packaging. If we agree that we shipped the wrong item to you, or that we shipped an item of lesser quality than you paid for, our sole obligation to you will be to replace that item with the correct item, or to replace it with an item of the quality you ordered. If we agree that we made a mistake, we will also refund the shipping costs you incurred for your return of the item(s) to us, upon presentation of your shipping receipt.


Your privacy is very important to us, so we do not retain your credit card information (card numbers and expiration dates) anywhere on our site. Card information is captured only for the purpose of authorizing transactions, and the only card-related piece of information we may choose to retain for our records is the approval code returned by the card processing companies.

Unless you direct us otherwise, your contact information may be used for internal promotional and/or marketing purposes, and we reserve the right to provide your contact information to interested third parties.


In the event of a system processing error, where the system charges a customer’s card for an incorrect amount, computer glitches or any other type of processing error, we will make every reasonable effort to correct the error as quickly as possible. The only remedy a customer shall have in such a case is the prompt attention of Nashville Coin Gallery, and we will move expeditiously to remit to you any funds that may have been charged to you in error, or to recoup any shortages that we may have failed to charge for. Your sole recourse in the event of such a system error is to have the problem corrected by Nashville Coin Gallery as quickly as possible. It is your responsibility to notify us immediately if you believe a processing error has occurred. Typographical or computer glitches programming errors may also occur from time to time, in item descriptions and/or prices. Nashville Coin Gallery reserves the right to cancel any orders placed for items with incorrect pricing.


In the event of a dispute, arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association. The venue for any such arbitration will be Nashville, Tennessee.


At this time, we are not able to facilitate shipments outside of the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.


Nashville Coin Gallery complies with all Federal, State and Local laws with regard to collecting any taxes due on the sale of items on the web site. Our system automatically computes and adds sales tax to your order total when applicable.


At this time, we accept only credit cards or PayPal for orders placed through our web site. For in-store sales, we accept cash, wire transfers, ACH credits, credit/debit cards, BitCoin (and personal checks and money orders from known customers) and in some cases, trades.

We appreciate your interest in our company procedures, and we hope you’ll choose Nashville Coin Gallery as your gold, silver, and rare coin dealer.