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Lincoln Cents were first made in 1909, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth.  Fifty years later, in 1959 the reverse was changed to depict the Lincoln Memorial building.  Lincoln cents dated from 1909 thru 1958 depict a pair of wheat ears on the reverse, and are commonly referred to as “wheat cents”, “wheat pennies”, “wheats” or “wheaties”.  These pennies are made almost entirely of copper, and they are eagerly sought after by both investors eyeing a potential increase in the value of copper, as well as collectors hoping to find some rare dates in the mix!

These are 1,000 coin ($10 face value) bags of wheat pennies that WE HAVE NOT SEARCHED!  All we do is give them a quick eyeball, and we try to pluck out any Memorial pennies that might have snuck in, and we also pick out any steel pennies we might notice.  Other than that, they’re exactly the way we bought them over the counter from walk-in customers.  We have no idea what’s in these bags, so if you’re hoping for something rare, good luck — you may or may not find something, but the fun is always in the search.  Happy hunting!

Please note:  While we make every effort to include only wheat pennies in these bags, occasionally a Memorial cent, a Canadian cent or something else might find its way into a bag.  Our apologies in advance if that happens.

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