1780 Maria Theresa Thaler (Restrike) — .7517 oz silver — Lightly Circulated — SKU #17800


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Weighing just over 28 grams, these large, 1780-dated Maria Theresa Thaler coins are extremely well known and popular.  So popular in fact, that they have been re-struck for many decades — with the same 1780 date!  Having a purity of .833 fine silver, they have a net fine silver content just over three quarters of an ounce, at .7517 ounces of pure silver.

These coins honor Maria Theresa, the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and the last from the House of Habsburg, which had held the title of Holy Roman Emperor following the death of Charles V in 1558, when Charles’ brother Ferdinand became Emperor.   Born in 1717, Maria Theresa became Empress through her marriage to Francis I upon the death of her father, Charles VI in 1740; she would remain Empress until her death 40 years later in 1780. 

These Maria Theresa Thaler coins will be shipped to you in either “brand new” or lightly circulated condition; they might show light to moderate toning and some contact marks, but they will be in very nice condition.  Order yours today!

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Weight 3 oz
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