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Proof Sets produced by the United States Mint for collectors are an extremely popular gift idea as well as a fun way to collect coins. Proof coins are minted from specially prepared, highly polished dies, giving them highly reflective, often deeply mirrored surfaces, sometimes with a frosted cameo appearance. The 1960 “Small Date” Proof Sets include a 90% silver Franklin Half Dollar, a 90% silver Washington quarter, a 90% silver Roosevelt Dime, a Jefferson Nickel and a scarce “Small Date” 1960 Lincoln Cent, and all five coins come packaged in their original cellophane in an outer manila envelope, just as they came from the US Mint.

The 1960 “Small Date” Lincoln Cent variety is significantly harder to find than the common “Large Date” variety, and is easily recognizable when you know what to look for.  The “Small Date” variety has a short, stubby tail on the “6” in the date, which extends only slightly beyond the end of the loop.  The “Large Date” variety has a much longer tail on the “6”, which extends far beyond the end of the loop.

Please note that due to the age of these sets, the packaging might show evidence of light to moderate handling; the outer manila envelopes might have some light to moderate scribbling on them, the envelopes might have been sliced open across the top or be slightly torn or tattered, etc., but the coins will be sealed in their original cellophane and the outer packaging will be in at least decent “handled” condition.

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