2005 United States Mint Uncirculated Set (P and D Mint Coins) — SKU #10505


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Each year, the United States Mint produces Mint Sets for collectors, containing an example of every circulating coin for that year, from both the Philadelphia and the Denver Mint. These coins are in brand new, mint condition, in their complete, original packaging just as they came from the US Mint.

The 2005 Mint Set contains the following coins:

Philadelphia Mint: Penny, “Ocean in View” Nickel, “Buffalo” Nickel, Dime, Half Dollar and Sacagawea Dollar, along with the following five quarters: California, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon and West Virginia.

Denver Mint: Same coins as above.

Mint Sets are eagerly purchased every year by collectors all over the country, as a fun way to collect coins. These sets also make great gifts for birthdays, graduations or other special events, and they are a great way to introduce new people to the wonderful hobby of coin collecting. Order yours today!