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Dolley Madison (1768-1849) was the wife of United States president James Madison, and served in the role that would later be called First Lady from 1809 to 1817. In that role, Dolley held numerous Washington social functions, and she was known for instituting the practice of inviting members of both political parties to those events. Prior presidents would typically meet with one political party at a time, because political differences at that time often resulted in heated arguments, physical violence and even duels. Madison was instrumental in promoting the idea that members of each political party could socialize, network, and negotiate together without the meetings descending into chaos or violence. Through her efforts as the wife of James Madison, Dolley Madison did a great deal to define the role of the President’s spouse, which would much later come to be known by the title First Lady. Dolley Madison had also sometimes worked in this same role for the widowed Thomas Jefferson. Sadly, after the death of her husband, president James Madison, Dolley Madison often lived in poverty, having to sell her late husband’s papers for financial relief.

Dolley Madison is depicted in stunning detail on these 1999 Dolley Madison $1 Proof Silver Dollar coins, along with the Madison family plantation, Montpelier in Orange County, Virginia. These beautiful commemorative coins come with their complete, original packaging, including a certificate of authenticity from the United States Mint. Order yours today!

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