1995 Civil War 3-coin Proof commemorative gold and silver set — SKU #93032


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The 1995 Civil War commemorative 3-coin proof set is without question one of the more popular United States commemorative coins sets. The coins in this set include a silver dollar (.7734 ounces of pure silver, the same standard as the Morgan and Peace silver dollars), a $5 gold coin (.2419 ounces of pure gold, the same standard as the $5 Liberty and Indian gold pieces of the 19th and early 20th centuries), and a copper-nickel clad half dollar. These highly collectible sets carry a relatively low premium over their actual precious metal value, and make a great investment. They ship in their complete, original United States Mint packaging, but due to their age, the boxes might show some evidence of light handling or wear. Order your collectible 1995 Civil War commemorative 3-coin proof gold and silver set today, while they last!